A Mindset of Breathing Big. Take Your Share.

When we breathe big, we meet life as a warrior.

The secret to more energy in life isn’t coffee, tea, or energy drinks. They may help short term. But there’s a better way: breathe deeply.

Breathing deeply oxygenates the blood, which carries the oxygen to every part of the body. When this happens, our energy level is high. We want to explore and do things. Breathing deeply also provides a gentle massage to the entire body as the body expands upon inhale and contracts upon exhale.

The best part is that air is free. We can just decide to take our share. That’s a mindset issue.

So, why doesn’t everyone take big gulps of air? One scenario suggests an attitudinal connection. When we breathe big, we feel bigger than life and take our fair share. When we breathe shallow, we hesitate to express ourselves and shrink from life.

Consider a person standing on a crowded bus, tightly crammed in. Breathing big makes the entire body expand, and our subject may feel he’s intruding on others’ space. Breathing might be shallow as an unconscious courtesy. It’s not a good scenario, but it’s common.

We recommend breathing deeply, regardless of situation. You deserve that air. So, take your share. Your energy level will thank you. If you are working toward a healing, deep breathing works to your benefit.

One technical point: remember that over 50% of your breathing occurs in the back half of the body. Let the ribs and spine feel the breath in the back and front.

Performance athletes, meditation centers and medical clinics understand good breathing. Lessons on proper breathing are found in yoga, tai chi, self-healing, marathons, Pilates, Rolfing, dance, movement exercise, weight lifting, and qi gong. Dietary supplements may increase oxygen delivery.

Luxuriate in your breath.

Richard the Lionheart was probably aware of breathing deeply.


Jack Menear