Flow Forward by Releasing

Healing implies changing something. This may sound obvious, but it’s not. It’s common to hear someone say, “I want to heal. Then I’ll go back to the way I was”. It doesn’t work that way. If old habits caused the problem, those old habits belong in the compost of history. Good habits replace them.

Did you ever feel that you couldn’t do something until you “changed gears”? If so, that’s good. You always have an option: choose a healthier path or stay with the status quo. In natural terms, healing means operating (or restoring) the body “according to design”.

There’s an element of passivity in healing. We choose to participate through knowledge and awareness, while understanding that we can’t control it. Something higher has the control.

Each instant of time becomes the past before our conscious mind can define it as the present. If we hang onto the past, we miss the next instant of time. Time is slippery that way. Change becomes stuck because awareness is stuck in the past. Healing awareness proceeds in real-time micro-steps and is not distracted by holding onto the past. Accepting this, we work with nature rather than against it.

As an example, consider vision improvement. If you try freeze your eyes on (stare at) an object, it will quickly become unclear. Eventually, your eyesight degrades. Eyes aren’t designed to work that way. Your retina has a 1% area that sees detail; the remaining 99% is used for peripheral and night vision. The eyes of a person with 20:20 vision constantly shift to bring different parts of the image to the 1%. Then clear image pieces are assembled by the brain. Shifting occurs at a rate faster than we can consciously control.

If we submit to the shifting (relaxing the eyes), we begin to see clearly. Here’s the punchline: Your eyes can’t shift until you let go of the last image. To see clearly, keep releasing the current image. That makes room for the next clear image. Some professional baseball players claim that they can read the label on a spinning vinyl album. That requires a very fast image acquisition rate.

We flow forward by releasing. The focus is not on moving forward. Releasing becomes the focus and moving forward is the result.

Seeing, hearing and feeling are senses. They work best when we keep releasing the last moment. Awareness that guides other physical activities follows the same script. Mimes release and re-acquire balance so fast that they appear to stand still. A person with unstable footing is trying to “hang on” to the last balance sensation, and it doesn’t work.


Jack Menear