Healing Means Permanent Change

Everyday life functions on integrated habits. When health practices are habitual, they function without conscious thought. We own them. They become part of us, and they support a healthy existence.

Unfortunately, you’ve heard it before: “I’ll do the exercises. Then, get back to my normal life.” Or, “I’ll stick with my diet until I reach my weight target.” These are failures in the making because “temporary” is implied.

Health, healing and wellness are long-term habits- not short-term events. A commitment to exploring lasts a lifetime because there is always more to gain. Nobody knows how good you can feel. The goal doesn’t end when the exercises end. Life should get better well into old age as more good habits are integrated.

Think about a major league baseball player fielding the shortstop position. The batter sends a red-hot ground ball his way. What happens? In split second, the shortstop makes a perfect catch and throws the batter out at first base. There wasn’t time to think about it. Habit (based on practice) took over.

The same scenario applies to living healthy. Consider a 25 year-old-woman with lower back pain. Rather than pain pills, she commits to using her back better. By standing in front of a mirror, she realizes that her right hip is higher than the left hip. With more mirror time, she observes that her lower spine curves left to compensate for high right hip. She also realizes that she carries more weight on the left leg than the right leg. (Incidentally, this is a common structural pattern for a high right hip).

What should she do? There is not one universal answer. But we recommend starting by transferring more weight to the right leg. That will begin an unraveling response. The right hip will drop, and the lower back curve will lessen. With continued self-observation (or professional help), the cause for lower back pain will dissipate. There was no “cure”. Instead, the cause of pain was eliminated.

If she decides to keep exploring and building more good movement habits, the back pain will become a distant memory. But there is much more available since the body is all connected. The upper back, neck, shoulders, knees and feet can now become more competent. More improvements and good habits are ahead. Soon, she will be a model of good health.

In summary, keep building good habits and submitting to them. Enjoy the uphill ride.


Jack Menear