Mindsets of Sickness

We usually focus on positive mindsets. For contrast, let’s consider mindsets that lead to ill health, with the purpose of avoiding them. There are two major categories.

The first negative mindset is pulling inward on yourself. This is a serious problem. Some skilled practitioners view this as the root cause of all disease. Rather than visualizing outward expansion, one can picture that extremities (hands, feet, toes, fingers, arms, etc.) are compressed into the core. This may be conscious or unconscious, but the negative outcome doesn’t care.

The reason that problems are pre-shadowed is that the brain superimposes it’s understanding onto the whole body. Muscles and joints suffer as extensors and flexors fight each other. Circulation becomes restricted, and the heart works harder. Breathing is shallow because ribs can’t accommodate a large breath. Muscles become pre-shortened and are unable to function effectively. Lymphatic fluid flow is less. Relaxation becomes an intellectual concept rather than an experience.

The second negative mindset is a belief that sickness is the natural state of mankind. It’s a belief that life spirals downward after 21 years. This mindset is so well accepted that it is rarely questioned. It exists in virtually all cultures worldwide.

Since we are mortal, some part of this is valid. Our immune systems are not as robust 80 as when we were 20. The problem occurs when the mindset is applied too early. If 40-to-50-year-old people hold this mindset, they will experience unnecessary illness during midlife.

The reason again is that the brain superimposes it’s understanding onto the whole body. Believing this scenario gives it agency. If we believe we are vulnerable, we are.

How should we use this information?

First, simply be aware that anyone can get trapped into a negative mindset and that there are consequences. Second, use introspection for an internal check. Look to see if either mindset is present. If present, see it for what it is and choose to replace it.

The power of visualization is often under-appreciated. Replace “pulling inward” with “expanding outward”. Replace “illness as a natural state” with “health as a natural state”. Let the positive mindsets work quietly in your behalf.

Choose health.


Jack Menear