Natural Healing Mindset – An Unseen Healer

If you are reading this, you care about your natural health and wellness. Good on you! Motivations might include living fully, feeling energetic and strong, minimizing pain, or a combination.

You may be exploring yoga, tai chi, self-healing, jogging, Pilates, Rolfing, dance, movement exercise, weight lifting, qi gong, swimming, dietary supplements, chiropractic, etc. They all have something to positive offer. So, continue.

But what is the common aspect that generates positive results? It’s your mindset. If you practice with the healing mindset, you will get more from your program. Actually, way more!

So, here it is. The natural healing mindset means that you practice with knowledge, sensitivity and awareness, but without a sense of control over the result. Do the right things and wait. Trust that results will come. Timing is not your choice.

Natural healing embodies a sense of submission, as opposed to force-of-will. When the pain disappears or your energy returns, you didn’t cure yourself. Instead, you returned your body to the way it was designed to work. Attempting to heal by force-of-will simply superimposes a second problem on the first problem. It won’t work. You’ll end up with two layered problems. The correct strategy is to release the first problem.

Upon reflection, this message is all around us. You don’t have to look far to see “Nature heals,” “God heals,” or “Use the force, Luke.” Dr. William Bates (the pioneer of improving eyesight naturally) used a derogatory term: an end-gainer. An end-gainer did the exercises; then immediately checked to see if vision was clearer. For end-gainers, it was not clearer because they reverted to old habits during the check. For non-end-gainers, vision improvement was usually apparent in 6-8 weeks.

If a body is out of balance with gravity, incorrect movement patterns will appear. Restrictions or discomfort or pain will eventually follow. By relaxing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles, problems seem to be cured. But a better explanation is that the reason for the problem was eliminated.

If the body is missing a nutrient, a dietary supplement might seem miraculous. Symptoms might go away quickly. But the dietary supplement simply added a missing nutrient. Someone else might take the same supplement and not notice a difference.

In any case, pick reasonable approaches, do them, and wait. Don’t hurry. Use the healing mindset. Healing cannot be forced through the conscious mind. Healing requires submission to the healing process.


Jack Menear