Submission Heals/Force-of-will Doesn’t

When the body is used “as-designed”, wellness increases. If you are already ill, removing the “not-as-designed” habit is the healing strategy. Either way, a cure isn’t needed, and force-of-will isn’t useful.

Let’s unpack the statement that “force-of-will isn’t useful”. On its face, it reads like a paradox. You are being asked to do something (which requires a will to action). At the same time, you are being asked not to control it. How is that consistent?

Initially, a decision is needed to increase wellness or heal an ailment. That’s a willful step. Then, you need to choose a path back to the as-designed condition and intellectually understand that path That is also willful. The rest is submissive.

Once the path is chosen (movement, Yoga, Pilates, etc.), the goal is to remain open and listen to the body’s messages – not the chatter of your conscious mind. Body awareness is created by following your chosen path. The path itself is just a mechanism to generate awareness. The wellness/healing process is iterative:

do the exercises and create awareness,

integrate the awareness and do the exercises better,

realize higher awareness from the better exercises, and


Here’s where “force-of-will” gets in the way. In our data-driven society, we want feedback (test data) so that we can control the process. That introduces interfering twins. First, the test will probably push you back into old habits. So, new capabilities aren’t used, and the test itself is invalid. Second, the internal judge is your conscious mind. At best, this is imperfect because it “sees” the problem as normal.

Submission will carry you further because it embodies scientific thinking. Simply do the exercises and trust the results. Don’t decide how the experiments will come out. Give the process time and observe. Negative results are as valuable as positive results; honor them and adjust. Over time, positive results will come as awareness builds. With force-of-will held in check, you are free to submit to your as-designed capability. That’s where the healing takes place. If you want to heal, go where the healer is.

Don’t avoid challenge experiments. That is, consider making something worse. That information has high value because it says, “not that”.

The bottom line is: submit to healing and wellness. Don’t try to control healing with the conscious mind because the conscious mind has an imperfect understanding. It probably points toward the wrong direction. Awareness is the true guide.

Enjoy the journey.


Jack Menear