Visualization and Breath – Your Highways to Wellness

How do you solve a health problem when you can’t define it? Perhaps there’s a nagging sense that you could feel better. Or maybe your arms and legs feel weak. Or digestion is sensitive. Or headaches are too frequent. But the underlying problem is hard to pinpoint.

This is not unusual. When we don’t have a capability, it’s hard to imagine that it even exists. So, the source of the problem remains under the radar. You may feel that the health problem “just happened by random chance” and is outside our control. It’s probably not.

So, how do you explore unknown restrictions?

The answer is three-fold: (1) employ directed breathing, (2) visualize the solution, and (3) acknowledge that the source and symptom are seldom in the same place.

Various health systems teach a method of sending the breath to one body part at a time. It’s an excellent strategy. In the process, look for places where the breath won’t pass through. It will feel like a gap in the nervous system. The breath isn’t felt there. That’s a restriction.

Here’s why it works. When you breathe in, the volume of your body increases. The whole body expands (stretches) because you are one piece. (Everything is connected.) Since you are mostly water, your breath should move like an unrestricted water wave. At restricted areas, the water wave will move around a tight area rather than through it. The breath isn’t felt there. It might feel like a hard lump.

When you find a restriction, visualize that the water wave can pass through and let feeling return. Keep trying until the restriction softens. Massage is useful here. So is watching skilled athletes. Exploring yoga, tai chi, self-healing, or Pilates (to name a few good choices) is also valuable. The purpose of visualization is letting the brain understand that feeling and fluidity is possible. The fastest way to get somewhere is to visualize being there.

Be thorough. Send the breath to every part of the body. Finding a root cause is seldom intuitive. Assume that source and symptom differ in location. Check everywhere. A restriction in the neck affects everything below. So, start with the head and neck, and work down. You may find health issues that you were unaware of. Consider that as a bonus!

With this knowledge (awareness), lock in the gains. Adopt a mindset that feels the whole body, rather than “living” in just a few locations. Live everywhere in your body all the time.

The healing path is enjoyable. Trust me on that. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Proceed light-heartedly. Consider the possibility of feeling healthier (less restricted) as you age.

Good health now and later is available. The price is right: free.


Jack Menear