What to Expect

How would you like to live your life in the healthiest way? My guess is “yes”, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

This free blog series is meaningful if you are

·       ill and would like to heal,

·       relatively healthy but wonder how much better you could feel,

·       open to learning about your body,

·       searching for the joy of being in your body,

·       hoping to age gracefully, or

·       willing to participate in you own health.

Nothing in this blog series is esoteric. Each release contains a practical message that you can use immediately. By intent, messages are short (about 400 words) and to the point. The theme is given priority over the details.

Content applies to a wide spectrum of health and healing methods. It doesn’t matter whether you explore yoga, tai chi, self-healing, jogging, Pilates, Rolfing, dance, movement exercise, medical, weight lifting, acupuncture, qi gong, dietary supplements, chiropractic, etc. There are many excellent techniques available. The specific path you choose is entirely your personal decision. Underlying all these techniques are fundamental understandings. They are what I’m targeting.

If you are just beginning your health exploration, stay with us. Many people like to work on themselves in private. That’s perfectly fine.

This is not a “how to” series. Instead, the information provides a basis to get the most from your choices.

New blogs are scheduled once per week through September 15, 2019. More topics will be added.

Please join me for this series. I promise it will be worth your time. Enjoy your increasing good health.



Jack Menear